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Aqua Tech Irrigation & Landscape business grows with JCB Machines

Aqua Tech Irrigation and Landscape Construction, a New Hampshire based company, has found comfort for the past decade using JCB machines on it’s jobsites. “JCB machines are built for the contractor and these other machines are built for the home owners to use at their homes on the weekend,” said Taylor Brinser, owner of Aqua Tech Irrigation.  Read more…


Langley Construction, a New Hampshire-based commercial and industrial construction company finds comfort for over 28 years using JCB Equipment on their job sites.

“JCB machines have been on our jobsites since we started our business in 1986. JCB machines provide us quality & rugged machines to get the job done,” says Stephen Langley, President of Langley Construction.

Langley Construction prides themselves on the high level of quality that each of their projects are managed. Managing fewer projects at a time has allowed Langley Construction to grow slower over time. When Stephen & Denise Langley’s son Trevor returned from the United States Marine Corp., they appointed him Vice President and Superintendent for Langley Construction. As a result, Langley Construction decided to take on more than one project at a time, which necessitated the need for another JCB machine.

Bill Spain of Northland JCB worked together with Langley Construction to help them find the right JCB machine to fit their needs. Bill conducted visits to their job sites to determine their needs for the new machine.  In late July, Langley Construction decided to purchase a JCB 535-140.

“We are pleased with our new JCB 535-140.  The knowledge and support that we have received from Bill has been great.  Our service technician, Frank Babcock, is very knowledgeable and great”, says Langley.

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